2018 Training Options

Detailed descriptions below of the many classes tentatively scheduled for Camp Independence 2018:

More classes are being added.  Please check back.  This page is updated frequently as the schedule is not yet complete.

Complete Class Schedules: will be posted in the future.
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Friday, May 18th

3:00 Pm: Check in to your campsite/cabin

6:00 Pm: Campfire Cook-out
6:00 Pm: Camp Cooking Demonstration
Primitive camp cooking skills and fire craft techniques for use when camping for pleasure or survival.

7:30 Pm: Flashlights: A Tool for Personal Defense
If you use a handgun as a personal defense weapon, a flashlight is vital for low-light shooting. Even if you don’t carry a gun for personal defense, a flashlight, when used correctly, can be very handy in tough situations.

Saturday, May 19th

Scheduled Classes  -  in alphabetical order:

Aspects of Armed Self-Defense:
The effective and safe use of firearms in self-defense situations and the legal and psychological aspects of using deadly force.

Basic First Aid Kits:
A variety of home and field first aid kits will be demonstrated.

Bows for Survival: 
Xpectre Inc. hosts the archery range offering an opportunity to test their top quality Survival Bows.  Learn about survival tools, packs and camping products.  All ages welcome!

Bugout Bags:
How to to put together a complete and effective evacuation pack that goes beyond the basic FEMA pack.  Prepare to meet the needs for every family member in a worst case scenario.

The principles of stealth and concealment using natural conditions and materials to blend into your surroundings and background. Face painting and various camouflage clothing will be used.

Emergency Camps and Shelters:
Bushmasters will have a short term Survival Camp Site set up with hands-on demonstrations of multiple fire starting techniques, shelter building & camp cooking.

First Aid:
This class focuses on the critical skill necessary to recognize and treat life threatening injuries and illnesses when professional medical help is delayed or unavailable under survival conditions.

Get Home Bag:
Items needed to survive an emergency that develops while you are away from home. The Get Home Bag contains critical supplies to help you to survive and get home safely in a disaster situation.

Gun Handling Skills:
Visit the rifle range where instructors from GSL Defense Training provide a hands-on experience. Rifle safety and marksmanship skills taught using air rifle/pellet guns.
All ages welcome!

Home Preparedness 101:
Effective ways to prepare for and survive ten of the most probable emergencies.  Topics are approached as if no help is available and survival will rely on your own skills and resources for an extend time-period.

Medical Care and Personal Sanitation:
Participants will have the opportunity to identify and treat a variety of simulated injuries at the Medical Care Shelter.

Navigation and Map Reading:
How to use a magnetic compass and maps to navigate in the outdoors. Plus methods to determine directions without a compass.

Outdoor Survival Skills:
What you need to know to survive in the outdoors and live off the land, including tracking, trapping, primitive weapons and shelters.

Survival Stuff:
Items for a survival pack, home emergencies and the outdoors.   New survival products described and survival uses for common household items. Stuff you may have never thought about.

Techniques of the American Pioneers:
A variety of devices, equipment and clothing used by early American settlers and pioneers including flint-and-steel fire starting practice.

Ten Principles of Survival:
Mental preparation and psychological conditioning needed to act quickly and decisively in an emergency. Find out why some survive while other perish in the same situations.

Unarmed Self-Defense:
Basic self defense philosophy and principles to help keep yourself out of harms way.  Psychology of both the perpetrator and victim, physical deterrents and what to do when a physical confrontation is inevitable.


Raffle and Silent Auction items:
Entries and bids will be accepted throughout the day with the drawing and winner announcements at 4 Pm!

6:00 Pm: Campfire conversations and S'mores:
Q&A with the days instructors followed by a round or two of a game similar to the scenario game Conflicted.

Sunday, May 20th

9:00 Am:  Worship in the woods
A non-denominational service conducted by Larry Chisausky


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