Live Free, USA 50th Anniversary

  Live Free USA will celebrate its 50th year in 2018. 

We started out as an outdoor sports and shooting club in the late 1960’s and evolved into a national organization to advocate and support emergency preparedness, survival education and self-reliance.  We have had many ups and downs, but we have survived while other survival/preparedness organizations vanished. 

Live Free USA has conducted hundreds of preparedness events and classes and helped millions to become more self-reliant and better prepared.  For five decades we have defended and defined the philosophy of preparedness and survival to the public and the media.  We are now the oldest established preparedness organization in America and American Survivor (originally Directions) is the longest running survival publication in America.  We certainly can take some credit for making survivalism, preparedness, and self-reliance the recognized and mainstream movement it is today. 

While our original core-group and leadership is dwindling, we hope that others will take up the cause as our nation and the world confronts hazards and disasters far more complex and perilous than those of 50-years ago.  Live Free USA has made a difference and can make an even more critical difference to life and freedom in the decades to come.

We invite our readers and members to get involved in our 50th anniversary celebration events and help us make 2018 a revitalization and re-dedication year.


 I would be willing to pay $50.00 per person to attend a major, all day meeting, exhibition and dinner to celebrate this major achievement [   ]

I would like to make a contribution to help Live Free USA launch new programs in 2018 and beyond [   ]

I will include Live Free USA in my will. [   ]

I will contribute a prize for the 2018 anniversary meeting raffle. [   ]

I want to become an officer or director and help lead Live Free USA into the future. [   ]

I want to speak or make a presentation at the 50th anniversary meeting. [   ]

Other ideas to participate __________________________________

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Mail to: Live Free USA, P.O. BOX 3295, MUNSTER, IN 46321 or email offers to

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