Should We Give Up On Millennials?

Should We Write-off The Millennials?
There has been some discussion of how and why Live Free USA should reinvent itself to some kind of Amazon, Google, Smartphone based entity to be compatible with so-called “millennials”. Recently, a number of business have abandoned any attempt to adapt to the values and habits of the self-centered and oblivious minority and focused on getting back to their core values and original base.
Here I am defining “millennials” as those who have adopted millennial values and habits in order to fit in or because it’s “what everyone else is doing”. There are lots of young people that are strong enough to resist being traced, profiled, manipulated, distracted and pacified by millennial habits and technologies and there are plenty of older citizens that have fallen victim to conformity. Millennials are narcissistic (who takes pictured of themselves?!), prideful and the exact opposite of survivalists who care most about others and the future Survivalist are non-conformists, and independent and avers to most of what millennial values are. Live Free has always been a “boots on the ground”, “face to face” non-virtual organization. Historically we have ignored “conventional wisdom” and popular trends and outlasted every other survival group and publication. While we can and should make use of some communications technologies we should avoid and shift to the millennial dependency and conformity now rampant in our culture.
By definition a generation is a passing minority. All past “generation” have eventually adapted to reality and adopted traditional and practical values. Millennials control only a small part of the economy and have little or no interest in self-reliance are preparedness and they are oblivious to what’s going on around them. Since millennials are denialists and totally dependent on technology and the failing structures of society they are not going to survive anyway, so why bother trying to provide survival information, training and supplies to them. We should stick with our core concepts and methods and focused on the generations beyond the millennials. At some point there will be the “survival generation” and hopefully the “surviving generations”. Let’s focus on them

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