The End For Paladin Press

Alas Paladin Press
I just got the official word that Paladin Press is closing its doors. This was not caused by declining sales or low profits, but by the death of its owner. Paladin started out back in the 1960s with the publication of Solders of Fortune Magazine. The SOF culture was so popular back then that they had major SOF conventions in Las Vegas each year featuring all kinds of paramilitary gear and weapons. They also published a survival magazine in the 1970s and 1980s. The magazines went out of print, as all survival magazines did in the early 1990s. They continued to publish a full catalogue of survival and paramilitary books and had most of the major writers on these subjects under contract.
Paladin just started publishing my two books last year and sales had started to increase when they announced their closing. I get back my copyrights and also the print ready files to print the books. I will not self-publish, but I will contact other publishers to see if they are interested. My publishing manager at Paladin expressed regret and stated that she was sorry they discovered me so late. While I have zero interest in achieving any name recognition or profit from the books, I did feel that they offered a lot of important knowledge and a unique approach to the subjects. The supply of good survival books is declining and the stuff on the internet is mostly junk. I will not be doing on-line publishing or blogging.
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