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Live Free USA started publishing a survival and self-reliance newsletter in the early 1970’s.  The original mimeographed issues and the later off-set printed issues remain in binders, but most of the more recent digitally produced issues are converted to PDF files and are available to on-line members on the “Members Only/American Survivor” section of our website. The newsletter was originally titled “Directions” and then “New Directions” finally to be “American Survivor” in 2007.  Over the years there have been significant format changes and four different editors and creators.  In the 1980’s we published a 16-page issue every month, as support dwindled in the late 1990’s we got out  only few issues each year.  After the events of 9/11 we settled on six issues/per year off 10-pages.  We added two more pages a few years ago.  While the cost postage and printing have increased we have kept the membership/subscription rate to a mere $20.00 annually*. This list only includes the digital issues, so there are a few hundred issues containing at least five hundred well written and illustrated articles that would need to be scanned or converted (any volunteers?)** in order to save them for the future. Since we have no office or archives all of this will be lost eventually. I have some issues of age that may prevent my doing more than one or two more years at this job.  If we do not get a new editor and some more supporters American Survivor and Live Free USA may only survive in hyperspace. I have listed only the major articles in each issue, not the Live Free news items, product reviews or book reviews unless the review contained how-to information.  While I wrote many of the articles myself there are many great contributing writers that we are and have been fortunate to have.

Much of the material in my articles was rewritten and included in my three books available from Skyhorse Publishing of New York, they are “Advanced Survival”, “The Book of Total Survival”, and “150 Secrets of Survival” from various authors the early days of Live Free.  Many of these are illustrated.

Other Publications

   In addition to all of the listed issues on the website, there are two books available to members in the members only/publications page.  Choices for Survival is a primarily devoted to the philosophical and psychological aspects of survival and freedom. Publishers were not interested in this a few years ago because they preferred “how-to” material. The Best of American Survivor is a compilation of great articles from issues prior to 2008.  There is also a collection of scanned “Survivalist Papers” dating back to the late 1970’s.  There is a treasure trove of information and ideas there.

The List is ten pages long so please open the attached PDF.


*Only members who join on-line via our website can access the back issues and other publications

** Anyone interested in scanning and/or republishing these issues, please contact me at

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