Pocket Respiratory Protection

Pocket respirators are an essential item for survival in many situations. Epidemics, terrorist events, nuclear fallout, toxic dust, and other respiratory hazards can develop at any time.  Having immediate short term protection will be much more important than delayed access to bulks "gas masks".  This article explores your options.




  1. Just a simple request Please from a dedicated survivalist.

    Trying to read your site with bright White on Black is very tiring on one’s eyes. Or bright blue on dark blue in not very inviting either.

    And lack of proper text spacing makes your site much less attractive. There is so much good info here — but my friends and I agree it is NOT OUR 1st choice for daily reading!

    It would be great for your organization to make your great articles easier to read on aging eyes!

    Hope you are reading this – Thanks!

    • Thank you for your constructive comment. I will share your concerns at the annual business meeting on March 19th. Will you be attending? Do you have additional suggestions or a few links to share from sites that you do find easy to read? If you do, I would appreciate your input.

      Thank you,
      Beth Duensing
      Membership Secretary

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