Wildfire Survival

Wildfires of various types are becoming more common.  I worked with one of our members living in the northwest who has actually experienced these fires and was able to provide experience and references. Finally, I did research and then wrote the article with the survivalist approach. If you live in any of the wildfire, forest-fire, brush-fire prone regions, please share this information with your neighbors.



  1. This article is accurate and condensed from public material provided by USFS. There were several gigantic blocks of wildfire that scorched 250000 acres in NE Washington. The combined regional fire zone perimeter was over 1400 miles Loss in private property was significant and there were several incidents of criminal looting. National Guard troops assisted in regional security. The fires reached six miles from our home-a relative lost his home, including all belongings due refusal to evacuate early. The photos in Jim Jones article are the remains of that home. Good job Jim!

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