RESISTANCE Article Published in American Survivor

The Alien Sedition Act of 1789 forbade publication of malicious and scandalous writings against the United States Government.  In response to this unconstitutional violation of  rights, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison initiated what was called the Virginia and Kentucky Resolution they calling for the "Nullification" of Federal laws, by the States when such laws were deemed to be unjust.  Some interpreted them as a threat of insurrection and civil war.  Fortunately they were never tested and the Alien and Sedition Laws were allowed to expire.  One wonders if the concept of state "nullification" may rise again if Federal overreach occurs.  The article below was published in the Jan/Feb issue of American Survivor.  Live Free members get a new issue semimonthly.  We have constantly for told of the current challenges to life and freedom and how to cope with them.  JOIN NOW!


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