Chapter Info

Today, preparedness and self-reliance groups are gaining popularity and acceptability throughout the USA. Individuals and families are gathering to share knowledge, combine resources and plan organized responses to emergencies.

These responsible citizens are moving away from waste and dependency and achieving practical independence and greater freedom through organized activities.


Each chapter is required to:

1. Have at least 3 paid full members of Live Free USA

2. Have a designated Chapter leader and Deputy Chapter leader (LFUSA Members) with contact information.

3. Conduct at least one public education program in their region each year.

4. Conduct at least on training event open to all LF members each year.

5. Conduct at least one open meeting (LF members and guests) each year

6. Conduct all activities legally, responsibly and in accordance with the Live Free, USA mission statement and bylaws.

NOTE:  The above activities can be one combined meeting or event are in cooperation with other Live Free USA affiliated groups.


Live Free, USA supports the chapters by:

1. Referring new members.

2. Conducting periodic combined events.

3. Networking the chapter with other chapters in the region.

4. Providing publicity and website contacts.

5. Publicizing activities in the newsletters.

6. Providing literature instructors and speakers

7. Coordinating combined programs that benefit all members and chapters



Contact us if you want to start a chapter in your area.


Download Chapter flyer information.