Camp Independence

Originating in 1968, Camp Independence is the oldest preparedness gathering in the country. Participants are encouraged to register well in advance.

Camp Independence Eagle

For the 2018 Camp Independence, Live Free has secured the entire Boy Scout camp facilities at Camp ToPeNeBee in Michigan City, Indiana. Facilities include the modern conference center, multiple cabins, campsites, archery and BB gun ranges, and more.

A great variety of preparedness and sustainable living presentations and vendors are planned. There will be a wide selection of classes, field training, exhibits and activities related to self-reliance, survival and emergency preparedness. Everything you need & want to know to be prepared for natural or man-made disasters, pandemics and other emergency issues that could affect our daily lives in the Midwest available in one place!

This family-friendly event is meant for everyone, from those with little experience to the most experienced preppers, and everyone in-between.

Follow the links below to register for the event, learn more about training opportunities or to showcase your products or services as a vendor.  These pages will be updated frequently.






  1. can we bring small generator, if needed ?
    would be a family first outing family of four including to TEENS will there be enough to keep them entertained and busy ?

    • My apologies for the delay in responding. The campsites are all in close proximity to each other and a generator would likely create a disturbance in the camp area due to noise. If you would like to have electricity available consider reserving bunk spaces for your family. The cabins have electricity and air-conditioning. For a family of four you might consider one of the semi-private cabin rooms, there are only 2 of these left.

      As far as keeping the teens busy – there will be several presentations and demonstrations going on at the same time to choose from. The schedule continues to grow as we get closer to the event. Keep an eye on this page for updates:

      See you at Camp Independence!
      Beth Duensing

  2. Here’s something that was taken from another blog.

    Future Danger, which links to a myriad of different news stories of interest to preppers and survivalists and other concerned human beings. Nice layout. Easy to navigate. The links are categorized by topic. The site is a good way to quickly survey the latest prepping news. Take a look for yourself, and see if you think the site is bookmark-worthy

    I thought it was very informative.


  3. Talked to you on Saturday at the Mason Michigan event Enjoyed our conversation and found you are not the comerical outlets just out to make a buck. This pleased me for I see sp many that offer the entire survival package in the handy dandy altoids tin that covers any and all crisis. it is refreshing to see and meet people who do take our survival seriously. Because of my physical limitations arranging for survival has been a challenge. I was so glad I made the one hr. trip for it was worth it. I think I will get your subscription. I have asked my grandson to get me some stamps for I still like snail mail. Talk soon……..Grampa

  4. Hello All,
    I have just joined and received my login stuff.
    I look forward to connecting with others in my area (Fairfax, VA). I hope we can all work on personal connections with individuals while the modernizing of the Live Free / American system is moving forward.

    • Sorry for the late reply here. We are all overloaded . If you joined on the website you should see each new issue of the newsletter as it is published and all of the past issues as well. You can contact me directly about chapter building in VA at Stay safe.

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