I am often asked why a "survival" group has a political name.  From time to time over the past 40+ years I have needed to explain the relationship between preparedness/survival/self-reliance and politics.  The following is the most recent of these articles.


Politics & Self-Reliance,Draft,3-14


  1. Hi Guys: I’m beginning to dive into LFI website
    deep. The radio interviews a good start. Theres’
    so much out there in the survivalist world now
    that it can overwhelm? The Nw is incredible,but always has been…both good and sometimes bad.That Survival Summit…real deep. Anyway
    in-order to represent LFI , gotta be up in detail
    with the organization. My computer skills are
    getting stronger which helps. As stated HQ can
    refer regional folks my way but hopefully they
    commit to membership
    Kind Regards Jim Watkins-Icefield Operations

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