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Sign Up Now for Camp Independence 2018


We have some great classes set for Camp Independence 2018. Camp Independence started in 1968 as the first preparedness “meetup” training event in America.  It was conducted annually at Tippecanoe River State Park in north central Indian until 2015 when the Indiana Department of Natural Resources closed the group camp facilities there.  We have secured a new location at Camp To-Pe-Nee-Bee just south of Michigan City off Highway 421.  Between Interstates 94 and 80/90.

Current classes scheduled include: outdoor survival skills, unarmed self-defense, archery, wild edible plants, survival packs, survival equipment, shelter building, fire craft, emergency first aid, disaster survival skills, survival equipment demonstrations and more. Classes will be both indoor instructions and outdoor field programs.

Participation in all classes is just $20.00 per person or $40.00 per family.  This includes a free campsite for Friday and Saturday nights.  This is a fully developed facility with sanitation, water, electricity and plenty of room.  As always’ we are charging just enough to cover our costs and all of our instructors are working for free.  Most events like this cost from $50.00 to $150.00 per person.

The main event is on May 19th, from 9:00 AM till dusk, but you can come in and camp Friday evening and stay over Saturday night.  Go to our events section for further details.

Wildfire Survival

Wildfires of various types are becoming more common.  I worked with one of our members living in the northwest who has actually experienced these fires and was able to provide experience and references. Finally, I did research and then wrote the article with the survivalist approach. If you live in any of the wildfire, forest-fire, brush-fire prone regions, please share this information with your neighbors.


Cold and Hungry

I used a little bit of personal experience and some research to examine this classic survival challenge.

Cold and Hungry,7-15