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Camp Liberty Report

Camp Liberty Report

Although we had planned Camp Liberty at Goodenow Woods in Will County IL as an “autumn camp” event, mother nature decided to bring us winter with a few snowflakes and wind-chills in the low thirties.  This may have discouraged a few participants, but the stalwarts carried on. It was actually not a s bad as predicted and we were able to explore the area and try a few survival items.  This is a very nice campground, recently upgraded and easy to get to.  We decided to definitely schedule Camp Liberty there next year again, but a few week earlier in October.


Plenty of parking and great, clean campsites. The weather forecast was far worse than the actual conditions, but it probably scared off some would be participants.  Live Free members were the only ones in the whole park.

Wildfire Survival

Wildfires of various types are becoming more common.  I worked with one of our members living in the northwest who has actually experienced these fires and was able to provide experience and references. Finally, I did research and then wrote the article with the survivalist approach. If you live in any of the wildfire, forest-fire, brush-fire prone regions, please share this information with your neighbors.


Cold and Hungry

I used a little bit of personal experience and some research to examine this classic survival challenge.

Cold and Hungry,7-15