Our Videos

Live Free USA can access a large library of acquired and produced video programs from over 30-years of recorded training activities. More recently, we have begun to develop professionally recorded video from our events and to create presentations specifically for DVD and the Internet. These programs will be made available through this website by ordering through our store for mail or downloading. Occasionally, we will offer a free download to members. Some videos may be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Live Free Produced Programs

Live Free, USA continues to produce video training programs for those interested in expanding their survival and self-reliance knowledge and capabilities. These programs are from YouTube.

Jim’s most recent video

Recording of Live Free lectures, demonstrations, workshops and field classes conducted at various Live Free sponsored events

These programs are recorded on-site with a live participating audience. While these programs provide great information and visual demonstrations, the lighting, camera angles and sound are not always ideal. Made for video training programs where the graphics, script and production provide the best results and allow for close-up and multi-angle shots where needed.

Subjects of these programs include

• Survival Packs and Caches • Home Emergency Preparedness • Survival Foods • Survival Gardening • Survival Food Preservation • Emergency Water Purification • Victim Survey Bandaging Chemical and Biological Protection • Camouflage • Pioneer Survival Methods • Fire Starting • Advances Emergency Medical Care • Self-defense Techniques More subjects being added each year

From the Archives

We also have a limited list of U.S. Army Training Films:

• Survival Escape Evasion • Ranger Training • Combat in Deep Snow • Prevention of Cold Injury • Prevention of Heat Injury • Atomic War Medical Cases (Japan) • Treatment of Shock • Map Reading • Treatment of Burns • Combat Wound Debridment • Mass Casualty Management • Abdominal Wounds • Thoracic Wounds • Eye Injury Care • Gas Mask Drill

View more classic videos on Vimeo.