American Survivor Newsletter

The American Survivor newsletter was published as ‘Directions’ and then ‘New Directions’ newsletter starting in the 1970s. While the name has been changed, the publication has continued. American Survivor provides original, useful and practical information to members in an easy to read and well-illustrated format. This publication is mailed to members every two months or posted for downloading to members who join online.  Online members can also download back issues of American Survivor and other special “members only” publications.

Live Free Preparedness News

Live Free Preparedness News replaces Live Free Report, is published and e-mailed periodically to inform supporters and members of the organization progress, plans, and activities. This is the place to learn about new chapters and teams.

Local Mailings

In areas where Live Free USA has active chapters and programs, there may be local e-mails and flyers mailed to members in that area.

Special Mailings

Special mailings are used to provide information on upcoming events or to provide information on threats to survival and self-reliance that are too extensive or immediate to cover in our regular publications. Available on CD or download — Members only.

Survival Papers

Survival Papers is a collection of the articles from past newsletters, handouts from Live Free classes and articles that were too large for the newsletter. Papers range from 1 to 30 pages and cover a wide variety of survival and self-reliance subjects. Available on CD or download — Members only.

Live Free Books

Life, Freedom 7 Survival: A compilation of 72 articles ranging from 1 paragraph to many pages that comment on the psychological and philosophical aspects of survival and self-reliance as a movement and a personal philosophy. Articles establish the foundation of the movement that must change the direction of American thinking if we are to survive as a free people in the 21st century. Available on CD or download — Members only.

Coming soon, two new downloadable books: The Best of American Survivor, and Beyond Survival

Video Presentations

Live Free USA offers downloads of many of its best lectures, workshops, and demonstrations.  We also offer DVDs of selected military survival and medical aid training films. Available on CD or download — Members only.