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Today, preparedness and self-reliance groups are gaining popularity and acceptability throughout the USA. Individuals and families are gathering to share knowledge, combine resources and plan organized responses to emergencies. These responsible citizens are moving away from waste and dependency and achieving practical independence and greater freedom through organized activities.

You can organize a Live Free, Preparedness and Self-Reliance group in your area with our help or affiliate an existing group to build stronger networks and better programs. Here are the requirements and benefits:

Each Chapter is Required to:

  1. Have at least 2 paid Live Free USA members
  2. Have a designated Chapter leader and Deputy Chapter leader (LF Members) with contact information provided to Live Free USA.
  3. Conduct at least one public education program in their region each year.
  4. Conduct at least one training event open to all LF members each year.
  5. Conduct all activities legally, responsibly and in accordance with the Live Free, USA mission statement and bylaws.

Live Free USA Supports All Chapters by:

  1. Referring new members
  2. Conducting periodic combined events
  3. Providing publicity and website contacts
  4. Publicizing activities in the newsletters and flyers
  5. Providing literature instructors and speakers
  6. Coordinating combined programs that benefit all members and chapters
  7. Establishing discount programs and multi-chapter purchases when possible

Four Missions of Live Free Chapters

It has been a while since I made an entry. We were very, very busy in September and October doing classes and meeting new people. Membership continues to grow and we have added several new chapters and alliances as well. November and December will be devoted to planning for 2012 and 2013.  Keep two dates in mind (1) the Annual Meeting in Hammond IN on March 24th and the Camp Independance at Tippecanoe River State Park on the weekend of May 4-5-6.  The empowerment and support of Live Free chapters is a high priority for the comming years.  While each chapter may be at a different point in development and face different situations, they should have the same basic missions as follows.

The four prime missions of a Live Free USA chapter provide an unlimited challenge that should direct the efforts of every member indefinitely.  None of these goals can be fully achieved, but offer a path to individual security and independence.  Collectively, the success of multiple chapters and groups can make significant difference on how our communities and our nation survive and recover from the multiplicity of disasters and the general collapse of existing systems.  They are intended to provide security, and safety without sacrificing choices and freedoms.

1. Member Emergency Preparedness Support

Support members and their families in achieving the capability to survive and recover from common short and medium tern natural and man-made disasters without the support or interference of outside agencies.  To this end, provide training, information, equipment and supplies in affordable and practical programs.

2. Member Liberation Through Self-reliance

Support members and their families in achieving increased self-reliance and independence from centralized and failing sources of life essential needs such as food, water, energy, protection, and medical aid.  Work to create semi-independent life style and economic network that reduces risks, regulation, taxes and waste, while improving life security and quality.

3. Strength Through Networking & Mutual Support

Recruit and develop new members, while developing networks with other Live Free chapters and organizations with compatible and like-minded goals.  These networked communities of self-reliance will be able to exchange instructors, share resources, combine operations and purchases and engage in trade and barter for critical supplies and skill in an emergency.

4. Community Service & Education

Advocate and educate for preparedness and self-reliance through community-based programs including educational seminars, speakers, and fairs.  Support government and private community preparedness and emergency response programs wherever practical.

Chapter Listing

The Self-Reliance Alliance

North Chicago IL

Northwest Indiana Preparedness

NOTE: if you do not have e-mail or cannot contact your area chapter just mail a request to Live Free and we will forward it to them

Peru Indiana Chapter Organizing

We have a new active chapter in the North Central Indiana region.  This is a key area for Live Free as we have held our annual Camp Independence at the nearby Tippecanoe River State Park for decades, and have accumulated a large membership in the region.  We look forward to working with this group as we plan for Camp Independence 2021 and beyond.  To get involved and be informed about their activities contact:

Wabash Valley (Lafayette) Chapter Organizing

  This chapter is already off to a great start, and leadership is planning activities and meetings to meet the challenges of preparedness and survival for our time. Join now by contacting:

Chicago Chapter Coming Soon

 New leadership is working to reestablish Live Free’s Chicago area operations.  Chicago was the birthplace of Live Free USA, but has been inactive in recent years.  While we have had plenty of requests for the development of a chapter there, we have not been able to find aggressive and proactive leaders who would initiate programs and activities.  We have a team working to develop a new chapter. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact , and the email will be routed to the organizers.  Watch this newsletter for further information. 

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