About Us

The Mission of Live Free USA

It is the mission of Live Free, USA is to promote and support self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-protection for responsible people of all races, religions and nationalities.

The Philosophy of Live Free USA

An informed and prepared people are the key to a safe and secure community.

The Vision of Live Free, USA

To be an effective force in the creation of a world where all people have the knowledge, and skills to effectively protect their lives, liberties and property against all natural and man made hazards.

The Organization of Live Free, USA

Live Free USA is run by its active members through elected Directors who administer the various operations and programs that support the Live Free, USA mission. There are Directors, Deputy Directors and teams for publishing, training, funding, advertising, information gathering and other activities. Live Free’s only source of funds are membership dues, publication sales and private contributions.

The History of Live Free, USA

The Live Free, USA organization was created in the late 1960’s to promote wilderness survival training activities. The organization expanded its programs to include emergency preparedness and general self-reliance in the 70’s.  Live Free USA played an important role in explaining and defining the true philosophy of the survival/self-reliance movement in the 80’s and 90’s. Live Free USA has consistently maintained a reputation for common sense and responsibility.  Today Live Free USA is recognized as one of the oldest and most respected survival/self-reliance advocacy organizations in the world.

Live Free USA Chapters

Chapter organization provide local meetings, educational programs and cooperative family  emergency planning and self-reliance programs. If there is no chapter near you, we can help organize one in your community.

Publications of Live Free USA

Live Free, USA members receive American Survivor newsletter containing practical information on how-to prepare for and survive natural and man-made disasters, sources and book reviews to help readers become more self-reliant, and warnings about new threats to safety, survival and personal freedom. Members also get periodic e-mails of Live Free Preparedness News keeping them up to date on all Live Free, USA programs and activities.  Live Free, USA also produces survival and self-reliance video programs on DVD and a wide range of  Survival Papers and publications available through the AmericanSurvivor.org web site.

Tax Deductible Status

Live Free, USA is an incorporated not-for-profit, tax deductible organization. Our only income sources are membership dues and contributions. Tax deductible letters will be supplied to contributors of funds, facilities and services.

Camp Independence Program

Survival and Self-reliance conferences and seminars have been conducted for over 40 years every May in northern Indiana. These events include educational classes, field activities, instructor development and leadership building programs.

The Civilian Preparedness Advocacy and Support.

Live Free, USA publications and speakers continue to define and represent responsible survival preparedness, self-defense, and self-reliance to the public and the media.

Survival & Self Reliance Seminar held at various locations. Subjects include:

Wilderness survival Pioneer survival skills
Biological, chemical survival Economic survival
Home emergency preparedness Alternative medicine
Alternative energy Crime prevention
Nuclear survival Armed self protection
Personal hazard analysis Unarmed self-protection
Emergency medical aid Planning for emergencies
Escape and evasion Home safety

Survival & Self-Reliance Instructor Certification

Live Free USA provides a program to certify those who teach various aspects of emergency preparedness, self-reliance, self-protection and field survival.  Past experience and current teaching activities in addition to references and a detailed application are required.  Teaching at Live Free USA sponsored events can also qualify for certification.