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Life, Freedom, and Survival

Observations on the psychological and philosophical aspects of survival and self-reliance for the 21st century

PREFACE: One of the reasons that true survival and self-reliance philosophy is often misunderstood and even feared is that it does not attempt to tell anyone what to think or what to do. Instead, it dares to suggest that people can and should look at reality and think for themselves. Such ideas are inclined to challenge cherished myths and vested interests. Doing this kind of thinking can lead to making hard choices and doing hard things. Better to avoid them and take comfort in false security and fading freedoms. So it is unlikely that such ideas will generate a popular movement. In fact, the very nature of individualistic, self-reliance opposes centralized actions and ideological dogmas. What is presented in this book is a collection of ideas and observations related to emergency preparedness, safety, survival, self-reliance, self-protection and freedom preservation that the reader may chose to use or reject. It is intended as a collection of tools to use as needed to understand, explain and pursue your own individual quest for greater survival capability, self-reliance potential and freedoms of choice. It is my hope that those pursuing these goals in their thousands of variations will continue to be the strong core of society that can stands when others fall, hold on to values when others weaken, and give help when others have none to give.

Best of American Survivor

We have completed the first edition of THE BEST OF AMERICAN SURVIVOR. This is a 275-page compilation of selected articles from the past 5-years of our American Survivor newsletter. This is a downloadable PDF file. There are 5 major articles on the Survival Imperatives, 12 articles on Survival Psychology and Philosophy, 7 major articles on Survival Preparedness, 18 articles covering a variety of Survival Skills, 18 articles on various Survival Equipment and 4 Miscellaneous articles plus a Recommended Reading list. Many of the articles are illustrated and include lists and guides. We are also combining it with our other book, Life Freedom and Survival as two PDF files on a CD for sale through Live Free chapters.