Membership Terms and Conditions

The website is solely owned and controlled by Live Free USA, a registered not-for-profit organization. Live Free USA is not a subsidiary of or an affiliate of any other organization, corporation or government agency. Live Free USA is managed by officers elected by its members and subject to its bylaws. Live Free USA values every member and endeavors to provide publications, information and services to members and the public consistent with its mission statement.

On-Line Membership

• Membership is not refundable after activation and will remain in force for the full period paid for subject to the terms and conditions herein.

• Members joining on-line will be approved and activated within 24-hours subject to the terms below.

• Membership will be activated only after payment has been confirmed and will be sustained for the period paid for

• Members joining on-line will have access to all “members only” sections of the website including, videos, publications and forums.

• Members joining on-line are not required to provide geographic mailing address’s or other information, but may provide such information if they request hard-copy mailings and local notifications.

• This website will be available 24-hours a day / 7-days a week unless technical issues or events outside of the control of Live Free USA interrupt service.

Membership Refusal and Termination Live Free USA reserves the right to refuse membership or once membership is granted, suspend membership at anytime for the following causes:

• Expiration of membership if not renewed

• Failure to pay required charges or cancelation of payment.

• The members actions are found to conflict with the reputation, mission and policies of Live Free USA

• The member’s actions or statements are illegal or dangerous to public safety or advocate illegal or dangerous actions.

• The use of this site in any way in the furtherance of illegal activities or actions deemed dangerous to public safety.

Membership in Live Free USA is subject to the terms and conditions of the Live Free USA Bylaws, Section VI as stated below

Section VI: Membership Rights and Requirements

  1. No one shall be denied membership because of race, religion, national origin, sex or other reason not related to the mission of this organization.

  2. There shall me no special privileges or classes of membership established.

  3. All members in attendance at the annual meeting or who have authorized a proxy voter in writing may vote for officers, present proposals and be elected or selected to office in accordance with these bylaws.

  4. Members have the right to participate in all programs, events, communication systems, networks and campaigns of the organization

  5. Mission and Strategy Team (Directors) may rejected or expelled any member from the organization for actions that endanger members, harm the organization or are deemed inconsistent with the mission of the organization.

  6. A member may appeal expulsion by showing cause to the Mission and Strategy Team (Directors) or by presenting a petition signed by at least twenty members and requesting a second vote;

  7. Mission and Strategy Team (Directors) may establish discounted rates and/or rewards for new members and for extended and life memberships. These rewards may not include any special voting rights or general privileges.

Use and Duplication of Materials Articles, videos, photos and other material supplied to this site are the property of Live Free USA and or the originating sources and may not be copies, duplicated or distributed without specific permission with the exception of application forms, promotional flyers event programs and material labeled “for public distribution”

Changes In Terms Membership terms and on-line membership terms are subject to change at any time. Such changes will be posted to this site at the time they take effect. Your continued use of the site and continued membership will be considered as acceptance of these changes.

Disclaimer Information and opinions provided by Live Free USA, members, supporters, participants in forums, blogs, articles, publications, podcasts, videos, and other sources are provide for information only and may or may not reflect the views’, recommendations’ and policies’ of Live Free USA or its officers. The use, misuse or distribution of any and all information provided by the content and users of this site are strictly the responsibility of the user.

Information, Questions and Disputes For further information regarding membership terms and services or to dispute any membership related issue, please e-mail