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January/February 2019 Issue Is Available to Members

The latest issue of American Survivor for January and February of 2019 has just been added to the Members Only / American Survivor page.  If you are an on-line member you can download that PDF and over 65 back issues as well

Bylaws as Amended March 30, 2019

The PDF below contains the Live Free, USA Bylaws as Amended March 30, 2019.

Bylaws as Amended March 30, 2019

Benefits of Live Free USA Membership

Benefits of Live Free USA Membership


1.    Subscription to American Survivor newsletter packed with practical survival and self-reliance information and ideas.  America’s original, oldest and best survival newsletter.  Members joining on-line can access each new issue as well as many back issues.  Those choosing to join by mail or requesting hard copies will get current publication in the mail.


2.    Special Publication including copies of the latest flyers for Live Free events, special downloadable books, and papers


3.    The opportunity to participate in Live Free USA sponsored survival education seminars and field programs


4.    Periodic Live Free Reports keep you updated on Live Free USA programs, activities and opportunities.


5.    Optional for those who provide a mailing address.  Special Mailings (or e-mailings)  warning of special threats to your families survival and battle to become more prepared and self-reliant. 


6.    Eligibility to become a Live Free USA officer, instructor or chapter leader


7.    Special offers on Live Free USA logo pins, caps, patches, T-shirts and other items


8.    Membership in America’s oldest and most respected survival and preparedness organization as it leads the way to a safer and freer future.


9.    Knowing that your membership dues and contributions are used exclusively to promote and support the preparedness and self-reliance movement and public preparedness education.  Live Free USA is a registered not-for-profit, tax deductable organization with no paid employees.