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What’s Going On With My Books?

An update from James C. Jones, 6/18/2018

As many of you know, I have had two books in publication with Paladin Press since 2015. Unfortunately, the owner of Paladin passed away in 2016 and his wife elected to close the business. This left me and a lot of other survival and preparedness authors without publishers. Since Paladin closed rather than sold the business the copyrights reverted back to me. I contacted another publishing company and they immediately bought my two books to republish. In addition they advanced me on a third book that I was just thinking about at that stage. The status of the three books is as follows.
   Beyond Survival will be republished as “Advanced Survival” in early October 2018 with a new cover and only a few minor changes. The publisher changed the title although I feel that the original title was more descriptive. It’s probably going to sell for about $20.00. I wanted to provide usable and practical methods of replacing each life-critical service that is provided by society and the grid under normal circumstances. There are chapters on what to do when the water stops flowing, what to do when the grocery store is gone, what to do when the fire department isn’t responding, etc. I illustrated each chapter and provided some background in how these needs were addressed a few generations ago. I also supplied an imperative “Storm Warning” chapter to validate the necessity of preparedness and self-reliance.
The Live Free Book of Total Survival will be republished as “Total Survival” in January 2019 with a new cover probably for $20.00 or $25.00. This book is more emergency or disaster related. I cover ten ways to do survival related tasks such as ”Ten Ways to Start and Maintain a Fire”, “Ten Critical First Aid Skills”, “Ten Self-Defense Techniques”, “Ten Ways to Acquire and Preserve Food”, etc. The book is fully illustrated and should give the reader a lot of usable skills and techniques. I cover urban, outdoors and general disaster issues based on my using my “Ten Principles of Survival”.

Both of the original books are still available from Amazon and Borders.

150 Survival Secrets should be out on or about February 2019. My original title was “150 Questions for a Survivalist” but the publishers elected to change the title, but the format is still question and answer as in “How can I survive an earthquake?”, or “What can I do to survive a civil disorder?” One-hundred and fifty subjects is a lot to cover. I touch on a lot of controversial topics. Some items are covered in a paragraph or two while others may run to ten or more pages with illustrations. While I covered the traditional outdoors, self-reliance and disaster survival subjects, I addressed ethical and philosophical issues as well. There are some detailed sections on the organizational aspects of preparedness groups and even some paramilitary information. This is probably the closest thing to a true survivalist manifesto or manual ever written. In fact, I was a bit surprised that it is getting published. Being that this is a new book from the publishers, they are planning a promotional campaign. I have no Idea about the price on this book yet. I do know that I am going to have a lot of work in November-December finalizing the formats and proofs and then again in early 2019 as it is published.
   The new publisher is Skyhorse Publishing of NY, NY. A much bigger publisher than Paladin. They publish a full line of survival related books. Go to for more information

New Recommended Survival Book List

It has been a few years since we updated our book list.  This is simply because we have too many projects going on simultaneously, but we will try to update it more often.  We invite our readers to send in their recommendations in short form for the list or in longer form for publication as book reviews in our American Survivor newsletter.  Send these to me at