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New Recommended Book List

While working on my newest book I updated my recommended book list that will be included as an appendix to the book.  I have attached it as a PDF below.


Live Free’s Recommended Survival Book List

The PDF file below contains a full eight-page list of currently recommended survival and preparedness books.  Including my three new titles.  Please note that "Advanced Survival" was previously published by Paladin Press as "Beyond Survival" and "Total Survival" was previously published by Paladin Press as "The Live Free Book of Total Survival".  The newest book "150 Survival Secrets"  is in a question and answer format as I had originally titled it as "150 Questions for a Survivalist" but the publishers changed the title.



New Recommended Survival Book List

It has been a few years since we updated our book list.  This is simply because we have too many projects going on simultaneously, but we will try to update it more often.  We invite our readers to send in their recommendations in short form for the list or in longer form for publication as book reviews in our American Survivor newsletter.  Send these to me at