Bring Your Own Gun Training Event

09/25/2022 — All Day

Wheatfield, Indiana
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Live Free USA will be holding our BYO Get Acquainted Firearms Event September 25th, 2022 near Wheatfield, Indiana. This event will provide introductory training with your firearms you own. You will get a chance to walk through your firearms strong points and shortcomings.

Each participant will get some firearms safety and operation training according to what you already own. Please bring eye and ear protection along with approximately 100 rounds for whatever firearms you bring.

For handguns you will need at least 2 extra magazines or whatever reloading devices your firearm uses along a belt holster and pouches to carry your reloads with you on the line. For Rifles and Shotguns you will need a sling and at least 2 extra magazines for your rifle along with a way to carry those magazines on you for the class.

The handgun class will be held in the morning and then the rifle/shotgun course will be held in the afternoon. Camping will be available on the property on the 24th. for those that would like to attend the class. The camping is primitive and we will have limited electricity on the location. Camp fires will be allowed. Please RSVP for your spot in this class to There will be limited spaces on the range so RSVP early

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