Three New Free Publication PDFs

Three New Free Publication PDFs

We recently updated our well known Preparedness Overview flyer that we distribute at our meetings and presentations.  anyone is welcome to reprint this as a public service.

The Special Edition of American Survivor is distributed free at preparedness expos and events as a sample of our membership newsletter.  American Survivor is the oldest and most respected survival/preparedness publication in the USA, and has been especially accurate in predicting the  pandemic, civil unrest, severe weather and economic decline in recent times.  More importantly it has provided information on how to prepare for and survive these and other challenges now and in the future. Online members have access to over seventy back issues of American Survivor as well as each new issue as it is published. Members can also opt for hard-copy mailing.

Recent articles in American Survivor included: Revolution and Civil War (July 2020), Is America Headed for Another Revolution? (Jan/Feb. 219), and Decent Into Chaos (Jan/Feb 2015). Unfortunately these articles were far more accurate than we would have guessed. As a result, it may be timely to publish a modified version of the chapter in my recent book devoted to “Military Skills for the Survivalist”. Note: the book is 150 Survival Secrets, by James C. Jones from Skyhorse  publishing of NY and covers many controversial and challenging survival subjects.

One thought on “Three New Free Publication PDFs

  1. Just found your website and am interested in learning what I can. Will be reading your free publications to get me started.

    sorry I missed the event yesterday, only read about it now or I would have been there.

    Thanks for any and all help you can give me. Even if someone just writes to let me know I’m not the only old woman trying to get through this b.s. alone.

    Blessings to you all. Thank you and now I’m going to read your articles.

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