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Fifty-First Annual Meeting Report

51st Annual Meeting Report

The 51st Annual Meeting of Live Free USA was called to order at 1:15 PM at Cabela’s Conference Center in Hammond Indiana on March 30th 2019. After the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for a recently deceased member the proceedings were opened.  Jim Jones presented a short review of the Live Free USA bylaws focusing on the mission-statement, duties of officers and terms.  Jim then presented his State of Live Free Report.  The beginning balance for 2018 was $8,836.00 and the ending balance was $13,398.00.  The largest income sources were book sales at preparedness expos and gun shows, and membership dues.  The major expenses were printing, book purchases and event facilities. It was noted that part of the gain was from pervious investments made in 2017 and delaying some expenses until January 2019, however we still have a good surplus to use for projects in 2019.  A significant part of the 2018 income was from sales at several preparedness expositions.  Jim stated that he had paid his own fuel, meals and hotel bills for these and would probably not do them outside the local area in the future.  Having other members do more gun shows and local expos will be important to sustaining this income.

Throughout 2018 and early 2019 there have been a number of leadership meetings, lunches and conferences in preparation for Jim’s resignation as president. Ultimately it was decided that no major reorganization would be necessary as long as we had enough capable and motivated officer candidates available. Two minor amendments were proposed to strengthen and broaden the Board of Directors.  The proposed candidates represented older veteran members, and new younger members. Jim emphasized that elected officers were expected to take on specific tasks, but could build teams and designate “Deputy Directors” to support their efforts.

The following amendments were adopted

  • James C. Jones will be designated as a permanent, voting Director on the Board of Directors.
  • Three new Directorship will be added to the Board of Directors as follows. Director #5 will be elected for a three year term in March of 2019, Director #6 will be elected for a three year term in March of 2020, and Director #7 will be elected for a three year term in March of 2021.

The following officers were elected

Not up for election this year were:

Jim Jones offered some final comments and advice to the new officers before turning the podium over to Mark Smith.

Mark stated his intentions to build the organization and carry on the missions. He also indicated that the organization needs a “brick and mortar” existence and that he intends to actively seek donors, supporters and grants to that end. He planned to lead a delegation to the NRA convention in Indianapolis seeking potential support.  Mark adjourned the Annual Meeting after calling on all of the officers to stay for a short Board of Directors meeting.





Survival Gear and Pack Lists

While preparing my next book for  Skyhorse  Publishing, I found it necessary to review all of the survival equipment and all of the lists for various kits and packs. I have created new lists for:

  • What to have in your pockets
  • What to have in a Get Home Bag
  • What to have in an Evacuation Pack
  • What to have in vehicle
  • What to have in an outdoor survival kit.
  • What to have at home
  • What to have in your Bug Out Bag

I also discuses hybrid survival packs and caches



While preparing my next book for  Skyhorse  Publishing, I found it necessary to review all of the survival equipment and all of the lists for various kits and packs. I have created new lists for:

  • What to have in your pockets
  • What to have in a Get Home Bag
  • What to have in an Evacuation Pack
  • What to have in vehicle
  • What to have in an outdoor survival kit.
  • What to have at home
  • What to have in your Bug Out Bag

I also discuses hybrid survival packs and caches




Index of American Survivor Articles

Open the PDF below to see all of the issues of American Survivor that Live Free members who join online have access to for only $20.00 per year or $50.00 for three-years. Over 45 issues and 180 articles. 

IndexForIssue Articles.2019



In the coming months Live Free USA will be moving forward with several projects and improvements.  The challenges and hazards of the coming years demands that we strengthen our base and expand our membership.  With a larger and more active board of directors we are now able to pursue multiple objectives.

Website Improvement

We are working to creat a more attractive and interactive website with more functions for online members. We also hope to have more activity in the survival medicine, chapter activities, and other specialized pages. We are also exploring ways to offer discounts to members who purchase survival gear through the site.

Chapter and Affiliated Organization Support

One of our directors will function as the Chapter, Affiliate Coordinator, regularly communicating with each chapter and providing support and and involvement.  A Chapter Leaders handbook will be available by early 2020 and maybe a regular Chapter Leaders online follow.

Permanent Survival Training Facility

A land-site in northern Indiana is being developed as a site to conduct advance survival and self-reliance training operations.  This site should be available in early 2020. The site will include campsites, sanitary facilites, a traing building, and a rifle and pistol range. We are seeking donations and pledges to help us make improvements and maintain the facility.

Added Value to Membership

  A members Handbook will be available by the end of 2019.  The book wil include information about Live Free organization and philosophy, but will also containe valuable survival information.   It will be available online free and a printed version will be available at nominal cost.  We may increase membership fees slightly and include the handbook with all new memberships. Other ideas are being considerd to add value to membership.

Expanded Survival Instructors and Programs

  Camp Independence will continue at Tippecanoe River State Park in Indiana, but may be franchised to other locations throughout the USA.  We also plan to revive our Certified Survival Instructors program to develop new instructors and support current instructors.

Opportunities to Get Involved

We currently have two opening for Directors to the Board of Directors.  These posted can be filled by designation by the board untill the next election.  Filling these posts will definitely help us reach the above goals. Additionally the board is authorized to designate Deputy Directors and establish teams to work on projects.  We would welcome hearing from members new and old who want to get involved and active. Since we now use the internet and online meetings it is not necessary for officers to reside in any nearby location.

Camp Independence 2019

Camp Independence Returns to Tippecanoe

Video courtesy of Tracy Apperson of Sparrow Rose Soap

When the State of Indiana closed the Group Camp facilities at Tippecanoe River State Park a few years ago Live Free USA tried a few other locations for our flagship event.  The original Group Camp facility included a large dining hall, an infirmary, instructors lodging, a crafty training building, and thirty-six cabins for participants to stay in. We were unable to find anything comparable for the kind of events we had hosted for over forty-five years.

After a few challenging efforts at other sites, we decided to try using the remaining Tepicon Hall back at Tippecanoe.  We were delighted to find that the hall had been remodeled and upgraded.  Attendees who wanted to stay overnight were able to rent the nice Rent-A-Camp cabins or reserve campsites in the park through the Indiana DNR website.  Although Tepicon has is a bit smaller hall, we were able to accommodate everyone nicely and used the adjoining outdoor areas to conduct concurrent classes.

We again were able to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a nominal cost to all in attendance. In addition to a full schedule of classes, we sold books, recruited members and conducted raffles with great survival gear and training prizes contributed by local vendors and generous members.   Members pitched in manning tables, serving meals, and cleaning up the facilities. The enthusiasm and camaraderie was at a level not seen in several years. Classes included: food preservation, gardening, beekeeping, fire starting, survival for children, field navigation, first aid, drone uses, survival packs, radio communications, knife sharpening, and more. Needless to say, Camp Independence will be back at Tippecanoe next-year and in years to come.  Watch this publication and our website and Facebook pages for the dates.  We are already looking for instructors and helpers for that event.

A full hall of participants listen to one of many instructors throughout the day

Schedule of indoor and outdoor classes

Instructors used multi-media, hands-on and demonstrations

Th outdoor area was used for fire starting, navigation and other subjects

Tables filled with items for the Survival Stuff raffle

Comfortable cabins and space for family activities were available from the Indiana DNR

Recommended Survival Book List

While working on my newest book I updated my recommended book list that will be included as an appendix to the book.  I have attached it as a PDF below.


New Recommended Book List

While working on my newest book I updated my recommended book list that will be included as an appendix to the book.  I have attached it as a PDF below.


The Urban Go Bag

This nine-page article is a well-written article by one of Live Free's most experienced members.



Prepping in the UK

The following article is reprinted with permission from The Real Survivalists at A British survivalist website. Be aware that survivalism is now and always has been an international movement.  After all, what can be more universal than the need to protect one’s self and one’s family from harm?  Live Free USA operated as Live Free International for a while back in the late 1980’s.  We had members in Britain, France, Australia, Belgium and a few other countries. Back then we were united by the universal concern of nuclear Armageddon. In the post-Cold War era there was a period of denial and confusion that decimated the survivalist movement for a decade. The concerns for survival and freedom today are different, but no less serious, and survivalism is again a world-wide movement facilitated by the internet.  While Live Free “USA” focusses on those concerns that are unique to us, we need to reach out and network beyond our borders as well.  Perhaps there is a place for a new Live Free International or International Survivalist Union in the future?

Prepping in the UK

Prepping in the UK is becoming more of a common occurrence. With all of the goings on in the world, it is probably not much of a surprise that more and more people are becoming involved in Prepping in the UK.

Prepping in the UK can be a controversial subject. Many people will see prepping as something only paranoid people do. This is not a fair summary. Most UK Preppers have regular full time jobs, are everyday people who just want the best for their family. They see prepping as an insurance policy against whatever may come their way.


What is Prepping in the UK?

Prepping is a term used to describe preparing to survive multiple forms of life changing events. These events could be a very personal emergency such as job loss, house fire etc. or they could be world changing events such as weather phenomena, illness epidemic and similar. The level to which you prepare is based on how likely you think the event is to happen. Prepping in the UK involves creating a supply of everything you need to sustain life should one of these events occur. This usually means storing enough food and water to keep you alive for a set period of time and enough equipment to top up your supply once your initial one runs out. It is not just about physical supplies either. Many UK Preppers have a vast knowledge of basic survival skills such as fire lightingshelter building, hunting etc. First aid and medical skills tend to be key skills that UK Preppers are proficient at.

Why do people prep?

This is a tough question to answer as all Preppers have their own individual reasons for starting to prepare for the worst. Some will start prepping as a result of all of the negative stories in the media surrounding terrorism, nuclear weapons etc. Others will start because of personal concerns about their local area regarding safety and preparedness. And other Preppers begin as a natural progression from their interest in survival and bushcraft.

Each person who has started Prepping in the UK will have their own reasons for prepping. Whatever the reason, this is certainly an interest that is growing.

Prepping in the UK vs Prepping in America

A lot of people will see shows like Doomsday Preppers which is filmed in America and think that all Preppers are the same. American Prepping can be very different to Prepping in the UK. For example, quite a few American Preppers will have a selection of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition. They believe they need this to protect themselves should the worst happen. Other American Preppers have vast supplies in underground bunkers and are almost excited at the prospect of the Apocalypse. While this isn’t the case for all American Preppers, it tends to be this persona that is shown on this type of TV show. Prepping in the UK tends to be a bit more reserved.

UK Preppers tend to have food and water supplies, first aid and medical gear and a selection of useful survival tools. Weapons are harder to own in the UK so maybe that is why Preppers here do not usually store too many. However it could be that the attitude towards weapons is very different in the UK. Guns and knives are mostly seen as tools here opposed to weapons so we have a different outlook on them when it comes to Prepping.


How do I start Prepping?

Prepping is a very personal thing. A huge supply of tools is not needed before you can call yourself one. You could argue that having a life insurance policy makes you a Prepper. You are making sure your family is looked after should the worst happen to you. This is effectively prepping.

Being a Prepper is all about doing a realistic assessment of the events that could happen to you. Once you have a list of possible events and consequences, you can then start preparing for each one. You do not need to spend huge amounts of money on the latest survival kits and equipment wither. Prepping is about being adaptable and creative with the tools you have available so you can start prepping today if you feel the need to!

Go to  the site has a lot of good information and a bit of a different perspective.