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Northwest Chicago Group Revival!

The leader of the Northwest Chicago Area Live Free Chapter moved away a while back and no-one stepped up to replace him.  As a result the group has been inactive (but not forgotten) for many months.  We now have a few folks restarting things in that area and we look forward to a resumption of the great meetings and classes that were previously held.  Live Free has considerable resources to boost this effort.  If you would like to be included in the new Northwest Chicago Live Free programs and help get it going contact: or call: 815-814-0336


Thoughts on Survival Organization

Thoughts on Organization

From Jim Jones, President of Live Free USA

There is no such thing as failure only people who fail.

I have learned these lessons through years of work building Live Free USA at my career as a safety professional, and at life. The study of leadership in business’s and military strategies confirms these lessons.  Those of you who would be chapter leaders, event organizers and leaders must know this in advance to assure success in all you do.

50 to 75 percent of all events, meetings and program will be a failure or a waste of time but:

  1. You have no way of knowing which ones will fail and which ones will be the key to success
  2. Failures often turn out to provide the elements of success weeks, months or even years later
  3. Often a failure can be the fulcrum for a later success
  4. In fact: the more frequently you try and fail the more inevitable your success becomes.
  5. So success is the product of constant activity and even frequent failures and frustrations
  6. Only inactivity and capitulation can stop you from succeeding
  7. Most importantly: a success that is not followed promptly by efforts towards greater things is still a failure.

Constant and unwavering focus on the mission while ignoring failures and building on successes (no matter how small) is a guarantee of success.



Why Network?
Many prepper/survivalists maintain that secrecy and security are more important than networking and organizing. Live Free USA has been in existence as a high profile advocate and teaching organization for survival and preparedness for over 45-years. Over these years we have seen hundreds of survival preparedness organizations come and go. A group that limits its goals to preparing for some future disaster and limits its vision to just “surviving” always deteriorates and dissolves over a few years. Only those groups that interact with their communities and likeminded groups have been successful over the long haul. A successful group is about growing, building, advocating, teaching and making a difference no matter what the future brings. Networking is a key factor in personal, family and group survival.

Networking can be categorized into four levels.

Personal and Family Networks are built through discussion of on-going hazards (e.g. economic decline, climate change, crime, lost freedoms, shortages, etc.) and potential disasters (e.g. financial collapse, civil unrest, storms, floods, droughts, epidemics, etc.) with coworkers, neighbors, family members and friends. Such discussions must lead to suggested actions (plans, purchases, stocking up, learning) and further cooperative activities to help each other be better prepared and move towards sustainable living (gardens, alternate energy, trade and barter, etc.). This should lead to a formal or informal network or group that strengthens everyone capabilities. The group should always be open to helping others and be involved in the community.

Community Networks are formed through involvement of existing organizations in preparedness and self-reliance activities. This may be a network of dedicated preparedness groups, but more often should include community groups, church groups, veteran’s organizations, fraternal organizations and sports (e.g. hunting, shooting, etc.) groups. Such networks will have greater resources and a vested interest in bringing preparedness and sustainable living to the community. They can host seminars, workshops and even full scale preparedness fairs.

Regional and National Networking* is critical to the long-term survival of independent and self-reliant families. Without such networks a culture of centralized control and dependency will prevail. Although the internet can help facilitate the development of such networks, they should be built on “boots on the ground”, face-to-face” contact with adjoining and linked groups of all kinds. Being represented at preparedness expos, seminars, and meetings . Is critical to this phase of network building. Live Free USA also actively links up chapters and affiliates in geographically adjoining areas. For help in contacting other groups e-mail:

Virtual Networks are the most popular and easy way to network with other preparedness and self-reliance practitioners. While these systems boast hundreds or thousands of members they are not “real” networks. They are however very great tools and portals to developing real connections and real networks. For a variety of reasons, depending on any internet system for sustaining disaster preparedness organization would be a mistake, but it is a great starting point to facilitate networking.
One of the best networks to use is: These folks can get you networking with national a regional preppers and groups as well as keep you informed about meetings and expos around the country

* Live Free USA established an effective national network in the late 1970, before there was an internet. It can be done!


Preparedness Expositions and Seminars
Attending expos is one of the best ways to establish real contacts with other preparedness groups as well as to learn new skills and try out the latest emergency survival and sustainable living equipment. Many are listed with: and in Live Free’s website in the “events” tab,