Thoughts on Survival Organization

Thoughts on Survival Organization

There is no such thing as failure, only people who fail.

I have learned these lessons through years of work building Live Free USA at my career as a safety professional, and at life. The study of leadership in business’s and military strategies confirms these lessons.  Those of you who would be chapter leaders, event organizers and leaders must know this in advance to assure success in all you do.

50 to 75 percent of all events, meetings and program will be a failure or a waste of time but:

  1. You have no way of knowing which ones will fail and which ones will be the key to success
  2. Failures often turn out to provide the elements of success weeks, months or even years later
  3. Often a failure can be the fulcrum for a later success
  4. In fact: the more frequently you try and fail the more inevitable your success becomes.
  5. So success is the product of constant activity and even frequent failures and frustrations
  6. Only inactivity and capitulation can stop you from succeeding
  7. Most importantly: a success that is not followed promptly by efforts towards greater things is still a failure.

Constant and unwavering focus on the mission while ignoring failures and building on successes (no matter how small) is a guarantee of success.

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