How will you know when the “Balloon Goes Up”?

How will you know when the “Balloon Goes Up”?

My family  and I have recently been talking about when the time comes that we may have to leave our home and “Bug-Out”. 

6 months ago we purchased a mobile home, which during significant storms may not be the best place to be. We did however, decide on safe places to go during the event of severe weather and a way to contact members of our group, should we have to leave our home.

About 10 days ago, during the recent storms that passed through our area, we chose to bug out to a safer location. Through that ‘drill’ of sorts, we learned many valuable lessons and the amount of time it takes us to load all we would want if we had time to load everything “Pack light, Freeze at night”). However, the storm was predicted and we had a visible timeline to work within. It was quite clear and obvious when we needed to be gone.

While looking at other scenarios today, we are not always going to be so lucky in being able to forecast the coming ‘storm’.  So the discussion must be had, I believe by all of us preparing for the future. I had become so focused on food storage, what to pack in our bug-out-bag, building our cache of supplies, etc., that I had not thought about the most important thing… When?

This very timely article came to my email this morning (thanks, John!) and I feel compelled to share this with the people in our group and community at large. I feel it is my responsibility to encourage everyone to establish the parameters they are comfortable working within, and plan accordingly.

Please read, share, think, talk with your friends, family and community… and then act! This is such a wonderful article with all the information you need to start this process if you have not begun. It is also a great read for those who have begun and would like to see where they may might want to ‘compare notes’.

Enjoy,  Lisa!