2018 Raffle Items

2018 Raffle Items

Camp Independance

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors and participants who helped to make the Camp Independence 2018 Raffle a tremendous success!

Congratulations to Sun Oven Winner Sheila Hawkins

Please show your appreciation to our generous donors by shopping with them!

There are 13 ways to use your Sun Oven which go way beyond cooking. Attend the live presentation to learn how to use your surplus sunlight to save money, live more naturally, and be better prepared for emergencies.

Apple A Day

Apple-A-Day Custom Product Selling Custom Made Leather Products.

Item donated: Leather Covered Composition Book

Back To Basics Organics 
The place to come in and shop the old fashion way
In the Knox Mall ~ 1307 South Heaton ~ Knox, In
Items donated: Box of assorted beans and spices
And – Homeopathic Survivor Man Kit

The Grow Network is the premier community of people who are making their own medicine, growing their own food, and becoming extraordinarily healthy.  They have graciously donated five copies each of the following popular DVD’s and book! 
How To Grow Half Of Your Own Food
Treating Infections Without Antibiotics
SnakeBite! How I successfully
treated a Venomous Bite At Home

Marjory Wildcraft provides a wealth of information for beginners and experts alike on how to grow your own groceries and more!

Sherrill Tree, Inc. has generously donated a Silky BigBoy 2000! Gaining 5-star reviews the Silky has been referred to as “the best substitute for a chainsaw, ever!”

Sheepdog Sharpening has generously donated Courtesy of Mike Tarkington. Certificates good for the sharpening of up to 3 of your favorite knives.

Variety of items donated by Live Free Members:

  • Ambiana Food Dehydrator
  • Tactical Survival Blanket
  • NRA-ILA Insulated picnic bag
  • Survival Fishing Kit
  • NRA-ILA Coaster Set
  • NRA Folding Skinner Knife
  • NRA Gold Eagle Pocket Knife
  • NRA Tactical Flashlight
  • J&J Travel First Aid Kit
  • Marine Pup Tent Set
  • Variety of Backpacks
  • Army Foam Sleeping Pad
  • Book: Beyond Survival
  • Book: Live Free Book of Total Survival
  • Military Surplus items:
  • BDU Pants, shirts, & Jackets, Chemical Protective Shirts, Military Angle-head Flashlight, Semi-round Canteen Cup

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