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    Live Free USA Established the first American Survival Center in Wisconsin in the late 1970’s.  We conducted extended scenario based and realistic training there. Unfortunately we were forced to sell that property after about ten years due to lack of support  Since then we have used state and private facilities to conduct outdoor survival, self-defense, self-reliance and disaster survival education programs. The use of these facilities is limited and often prohibitive for some of the types of training we would want to do. We had all of the facilities listed below and would want to establish them again. A new survival training facility or even several facilities could serve Live Free and multiple organizations, providing responsible, safe and effective survival education for the challenges to life and freedom in this century.

  • Secure access control and parking
  • Comfortable and private camping facilities
  • Picnic and training shelter and building
  • Meeting building
  • Sanitary facilities
  • First aid and rescue training area
  • Primitive camping and survival training area
  • Unarmed combat training area
  • A rifle and pistol target range
  • A combat rifle and pistol range
  • An archery and primitive weapons range
  • Nature trail with edible and medicinal plants

Live Free USA Has established a Go Fund Me page to gather funding for this project. Members and supporters can make contributions at: https:/ Members are encouraged to publicize this link through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Other Funding Opportunities  

While Live Free does not have the funds to acquire property and build facilities, we do have the funds to sponsor a campaign to raise funds and donations for this project.

  • Conduct fund raising events and raffles.
  • Solicit donations from members and non-members
  • Solicit pledges and donations for survival related businesses and organizations
  • Establish partnerships and sell shares or planks in the center to other organizations, corporations and individuals.

For further information on how you can support this effort contact