Home Freez-Drying Machine

In Home Freeze Dryer

    At a recent preparedness expo I observed a demonstration of an “in home” freeze drying machine.  Up until now, freeze-drying was been the one food preservation option not available to most preppers.  We can dehydrated, smoke, pickle, cure and can, but we have to pay a high price for freeze-dried foods.  Freeze-dried survival foods are by fare the lightest weight and longest lasting of all survival food supplies, but are also the costliest.  A dollar’s worth of beef stew can cost from $6.00 to $8.00 in a freeze-dried package.   Purchasing a six-month or one-year food stock of freeze-dried is a considerable investment.

The Harvestright ™ freeze-drying machine is about the size of a vey large microwave.  The machine freezes the foods down to around 40 below zero and then vacuums away all of the moisture content.  Finally the food is vacuum-sealed  in oxygen and moisture proof packages.  The manufacturer claims that 97% of the nutritional value of the food is preserved with a shelf life of over 25-years. 

At this point the machine sells for a hefty $4,000.00.  You would save about $5.00 to $6.00 per freeze-dried meal so you would need to do about 600 to 800 meals to pay off the machine.  This may not be cost effective for a person or family, but could be a good business investment or cooperative purchase for a survival/preparedness group.  Cost may come down some, but the need for the refrigeration, dehydration and vacuum systems will probably sustain prices well above $1,000.00 for years to come.

   For more information go to:  Harvestright.com or call 1-800-923=4673.


Home Freez-Dry machine demo.

Home Freez-Dry machine demo.

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