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Eight Lifesaving Medical Skills

The PDF file below is from the Live Free USA medical training program "Eight Lifesaving Medical Skills"  a distillation from our more extensive "Survival Medics" course.   You will note that bandaging and splinting are not included, as these skills are not immediately lifesaving.  They are necessary for preventing infections and further injury and should be learned.


Principles of Emergency Planning

This article is intended as a guide to make your own survival and escape plans based on your particular hazards and situation.


Surviving an Active Shooter Event

The "active shooter" scenario is an increasing danger that shows no sign of decreasing in the near or far future as our society disintegrates.  Most articles on this subject avoid some of  the more drastic steps that may be necessary to survive these events.  This article is derived from several police and EMS programs as well as our hard-core reality approach to the subject.


Pocket Respiratory Protection

Pocket respirators are an essential item for survival in many situations. Epidemics, terrorist events, nuclear fallout, toxic dust, and other respiratory hazards can develop at any time.  Having immediate short term protection will be much more important than delayed access to bulks "gas masks".  This article explores your options.



How Prepared is the American Public?

Based on the :American Housing Survey" conducted by the US Census Bureau, this article examines each element of home preparedness covered in the survey and the provides recommendations by Live Free USA that go further. We also cover several key items that were not included in the survey that every home must have for complete preparedness.


Cold and Hungry

I used a little bit of personal experience and some research to examine this classic survival challenge.

Cold and Hungry,7-15

Ten Principles of Self-Reliance

This is a comprehensive article that complements my previous "Ten Principles of Survival" .  See also: "Preparedness Overview" and "Self-Reliance Overview"


Home Safety

This Article and the associated checklist is intended to prevent your becoming a victim of a home accident.  A more probable cause of injury than and disaster scenario.

Home Safety,6-15

Home Safety Checklist,6-15

How To Stop Severe Bleeding

This is a PDF of a two page flyer used in short training programs.  Feel free to print and use.

Control of Bleeding,8-15

Eight Critical Medical Skills

This article boils down first aid to just eight skills that can truly save a life.  All of them can be learned easily, but must be done quickly when needed.  Live Free also does this as a training program.